Custom Woodworking & Furniture

Artisan woodworking for home & commercial

Custom Woodwork in Regina

Oleson Woodshop is a custom wood shop in Regina, SK that specializes in custom and commercial woodworking. Focusing on traditional craftsperson's techniques, modern design aesthetics, and sustainable and responsible ethics.

Oleson Woodshop is an artisanal undertaking that keeps the environment, community, and a collaborative spirit at the forefront of all the work that we do. 


our home collection


We seek to make the highest quality home decor and accents available. From custom kitchen and dining tables to reclaimed feature walls, all of our work aims to create heirloom quality furniture without sacrificing the natural allure of the woods that are bent, cut, and shaped to build it. Our products are designed to be durable as well as beautiful. 

Current products in our home decor line:

  • end grain cutting boards
  • iPad/tablet stands
  • bottle caddies
  • wall-mounted & free-standing display vases
  • bread & cheese boards
  • photo frames
  • earring holders
  • bathtub caddies
  • bicycle wall-mounted racks


Our custom commercial woodwork

For clients who are seeking local flavour in their design to accompany their menu.

Oleson Woodshop works with you at every step of the design process to ensure both you, and your clientele, can enjoy the quality and beauty of handmade craftsmanship. 

  • rustic barn board feature walls
  • restaurant/bistro tables using locally sourced reclaimed wood
  • outdoor tables for the "too-short Saskatchewan" patio season.

Oleson Woodshop would love to help your business, restaurant, or bistro with custom tables or a focal point project. We would also be happy to build a feature piece for your waiting room.






Preserving Nature & the Inhabitants

Our environmental protection policy

Oleson Woodshop is a Proud Financial Supporter of The Nature Conservancy of Canada's efforts to preserve and protect Canada's forests and those who call them home.

As part of our desire to preserve the forest, we build with reclaimed and salvaged wood when possible.