Cutting Boards

Solid wood cutting boards are very sensitive to changes in moisture and temperature. Store in a cool, dry location, and avoid sudden or repeated changes in temperature and/or humidity.

To clean:

Rinse with warm, soapy water and dry immediately.

To maintain a wood cutting board:

Apply Board Butter weekly when cutting board is used regularly. Apply mineral oil liberally once every few months or when the colour of the board begins to fade, allowing it to soak into the board, wipe dry with paper towel, and apply Board Butter.

These products are not dishwasher safe, and do not take kindly to soaking. 


All other Oleson Woodshop products

Our wood products are finished with either mineral oil/beeswax, boiled linseed oil, or a custom wiping varnish. Should any of our products require refinishing or touching up, contact us at for instructions on your particular piece.